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ea0097023 | Section | BES2023

A unique cause of hypermetabolic adrenal incidentaloma

Xavier Gilis , Thomas Servais , Marie-Cecile Nollevaux , Etienne Delgrange

Introduction/Background: Adrenal incidentaloma is defined as an asymptomatic adrenal mass greater than 1 cm, discovered during imaging performed for another purpose1. The main goal when discovering such a tumor is to rule out a hormonally active lesion or a malignant condition. Radiological characteristics on non-contrast CT or MRI can help to determine if a lesion is benign. If the lesion nature remains indeterminate after these exams, it is recomm...

ea0056p733 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2018

Sexually dimorphic gene expression in lactotroph pituitary tumours of different behaviours

Wierinckx Anne , Delgrange Etienne , Vasiljevic Alexandre , Jouanneau Emmannuel , Lachuer Joel , Trouillas Jacqueline , Raverot Gerald

Introduction: Various tumours have a worse prognosis in male than in female. This is also true for lactotroph tumours. Indeed it is known that aggressive and malignant tumours, resistant to dopamine agonists, are more frequent in male than female and are associated to lower ESR1 expression.Objectives: Our aims are to study the genes differentially expressed and the chromosomic alterations in lactotroph tumours between male and female and their relationsh...