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ea0063p744 | Thyroid 2 | ECE2019

Levothyroxine treatment of subclinical (SH) and overt (OH) hypothyroidism in children with autoimmune hashimoto thyroiditis (AHT): defining the TSH cut-off level

Leka-Emiri Sofia , Petrou Vassilios , Evangelopoulou Caterina , Fotinou Aspasia , Vlachopapdopoulou Elpis , Michalacos Stefanos

Objectives: Assess the dose of levothyroxine in relation to TSH and FT4 at diagnosis of AHT in children with SH and OH.Methods: Two hundred one children (155 girls) with AHT were devided according to TSH and FT4 levels at diagnosis of hypothyroidism [SH-FT4 >1.0 ng/dl: Group 1: TSH: 5–7.5 mU/l, Group 2: TSH: >7.5 mU/l, OH: Group 3: TSH>7.5 mU/l and FT4 ≤1.0 ng/dl]. Mean L-T4 dose was reported in μg/Kg per day at diagnosis and ...