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ea0012p87 | Pituitary | SFE2006

ACTH hyperplasia and prolactinoma in MEN 1

Caputo C , Martin N , Roncaroli F , Todd J , Meeran K

A 37-year old gentleman with MEN 1 was referred to our Centre for further assessment. MEN 1 had manifested as recurrent primary hyperparathyroidism and multiple pancreatic gastrinomas. He complained of reduced libido, with absent early morning erections for the preceding 18 months. Biochemistry confirmed hyperprolactinaemia (prolactin 1494, NR 0–625 mU/l, testosterone 12 NR 10–28 nmol/l, LH 2.6 NR 2–12 IU/l, FSH 3.7 NR 1.7–8 IU/l). During investigation of h...