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ea0014p129 | (1) | ECE2007

A loss-of-function polymorphic mutation in the P2X7 receptor gene in patients with papillary thyroid cancer

Dardano Angela , Falzoni Simonetta , Polini Antonio , Bemi Alessia , Solini Anna , Caraccio Nadia , Di Virgilio Francesco , Monzani Fabio

Extracellular nucleotides, via specific plasma membrane receptors (P2Rs) of the X and Y subtype, modulate several cell functions, including cell-to-cell cross talk. We have previously demonstrated the expression of several functional P2XRs subtypes, including P2X7, in primary human thyrocytes. P2X7 is the main player in inflammation and immunomodulation; a strong expression of this receptor has been shown in several human solid tumors. Polymorphisms of the gene enco...