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ea0077p167 | Endocrine Cancer and Late Effects | SFEBES2021

Novel management of resistant hypoglycaemia in a patient with malignant Insulinoma

Farhan Malik Mohammad , Khalid Maha , Sivappriyan Siva , Kumar Jesse

An 82-year-old lady admitted after multiple episodes of collapse and her blood sugar levels were noted to be less than 2.0 mmol/l. A supervised controlled fasting test was performed and results were consistent with Insulinoma. Imaging revealed a mass in the tail of the pancreas with metastasis to the liver. Liver biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of a poorly differentiated neuroendocrine tumour. She continued to have hypoglycaemic episodes which were difficult to manage. Dietary ...

ea0081p17 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2022

Bilateral adrenal haemorrhages secondary to Rivaroxaban on a background of p-ANCA vasculitis

Farhan Malik Mohammad , Sivappriyan Siva , Kumar Jesse , Anandappa Samantha , Iqbal Maliha , Khalid Maha

Background: A 73-year-old female presented to the hospital with a 3-day history of right upper quadrant abdominal pain and episodes of vomiting. Her past medical history included insulin treated Type 2 diabetes diabetes, deep venous thrombosis for which she was on rivaroxaban, COPD, right leg angioplasty and previous p-ANCA vasculitis. She also had flank tenderness and was noted to be hypertensive with a blood pressure of 225/93mmHg. A CT scan of the abdomen identified a new 4...

ea0073aep751 | Thyroid | ECE2021

Topiramate Induced Hyperthyroidism –? New emerging evidence.

Farhan Malik Mohammad , Khalid Maha , Kumar Jesse , Sivappriyan Siva , Anandappa Samantha

Case PresentationA 25-year-old lady presented with symptomatic hyperthyroidism. She had a 4–6-week history of unexplained weight loss, pain in her neck and difficulty swallowing. Bloods confirmed mild hyperthyroidism with TSH 0.19 mU/l (reference range 0.27-4.2) with free T4 24.4 pmol/l (reference range 12.0-22.0), and she was commenced on carbimazole. There was no evidence of inflammation with CRP < 1 mg/l. Her mother had a thyroidectom...