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ea0063oc6.3 | Obesity | ECE2019

Role of hypothalamic bile acid-TGR5 signaling in the regulation of energy balance

Castellanos Ashley , Quevedo Omar Guzman , Fenelon Valerie , Zizzari Philippe , Clark Samantha , Dupuy Nathalie , Bellocchio Luigi , Marsicano Giovanni , Cota Daniela

Bile acids (BA) are cholesterol-derived molecules that are mostly known for their involvement in lipid digestion and absorption. Recent evidence recognizes them as metabolic integrators able to reduce body weight (BW), increase energy expenditure (EE) and improve glycemic control by activating their specific receptor, the Takeda G protein-coupled receptor 5 (TGR5) in peripheral organs. These outcomes have increased importance in the context of diet-induced obesity and associat...