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ea0013p121 | Cytokines and growth factors | SFEBES2007

The peripheral actions of the des-acyl and octanoylated ghrelin on leptin in human abdominal subcutaneous adipocytes

Goodyear Steve , Fernandez da Silva Nancy , Kos Katarina , Harte Alison , Sung Ed , Wong Ling , O’Hare Joseph , Kumar Sudhesh , Nwokolo Chuka , McTernan Philip

The anorexigenic leptin and orexigenic ghrelin, are peripheral signals that control appetite via the hypothalamic neuropeptide Y (NPY) system. Ghrelin exists in an inactive (des-acyl) and active (octanoylated) form which acts via the GHS-R1a. Whilst a great deal is understood about central interaction of these peptides their peripheral pathways remain uncertain. Adipose tissue (AT) produces several neuropeptides. Due to the importance of AT in the control of energy homeostasis...