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ea0038p394 | Steroids | SFEBES2015

Synthetic glucocorticoid (GC) treatment induces prolonged activation of GC receptors in discrete brain regions and impairs memory and learning processes in the rat

Birnie Matthew , Demski-Allen Rebecca , Flynn Ben , Kershaw Yvonne , Barker Gareth , Warburton Clea , Lightman Stafford , Conway-Campbell Becky

Chronic treatment with the synthetic glucocorticoid (GC) prednisolone has been reported in association with many detrimental health effects. In addition to well-documented adverse metabolic effects, there is evidence for memory impairments in these patients. GCs are known to have effects on memory, either enhancing or impairing dependant upon timing of exposure. Cell experiments have shown that synthetic GCs such as methyl-prednisolone (MPL) cause an alteration in timing of gl...