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ea0081p286 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2022

A novel mutation in creb3l1 gene involved in vasopressin synthesis pathway in patients with hypertensive cardiovascular diseases

Rauf Sania , Arshad Abida , Foo Roger , Akram Maleeha , Naz Shumaila , Naseem Afzaal Ahmed , Qayyum Mazhar , Raza Rizvi Syed Shakeel

Arginine vasopressin (AVP) is a neurohormone, which regulates blood and extracellular fluid volume and hence blood pressure (BP). AVP has its chief action in kidneys where it reduces flow of urine, increases permeability of convoluted tubules of kidneys to water and its reabsorption. It binds to receptors on sweat glands and decreases water loss by perspiration from the skin. Also, AVP binds to peripheral arteriolar receptors, causing vasoconstriction and increase in BP. The s...

ea0081p287 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2022

Whole exome sequencing of genes involved in dysfunctional renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in hypertensive cardiovascular patients

Rauf Sania , Arshad Abida , Foo Roger , Akram Maleeha , Naz Shumaila , Ahmed Naseem Afzaal , Qayyum Mazhar , Raza Rizvi Syed Shakeel

The renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) is an endocrine system within the body that is essential for regulation of blood pressure (BP) and fluid balance. The system is mainly comprised of three hormones renin, angiotensin II (Ang II) and aldosterone. The RAAS pathway is initiated in the kidney with the proteolytic conversion of liver derived angiotensinogen to angiotensin I (Ang I) by renin secreted by juxtaglomerular apparatus of the nephron. Ang I is cleaved by angio...

ea0063p445 | Adrenal and Neuroendocrine Tumours 2 | ECE2019

11C-Metomidate PET/CT Identifies Unilateral Primary Aldosteronism in a Multi-ethnic Cohort

Puar Troy , Tan Colin , Tong Aaron , Zhang Meifen , Khoo Chin Meng , Tan Alvin , Htoo Htoo , Reilhac Anthonin , Weekes Ashley , Robins Ed , Foo Roger

Introduction: Patients with unilateral primary aldosteronism (PA) can be cured with adrenalectomy, and adrenal vein sampling (AVS) remains the gold-standard test. However, AVS is invasive, technically-challenging and criteria for determining lateralization differ between centres. 11C-Metomidate PET/CT (MTO) imaging offers a promising non-invasive alternative for identifying unilateral PA.Methods: All patients with confirmed primary aldosteronism who were...

ea0073aep787 | Late Breaking | ECE2021

Prospective clinical trial comparing 11c-metomidate pet-ct and adrenal vein sampling in identifying unilateral surgically-curable primary aldosteronism

Kiat Puar Hai , Tan Colin , Tong Aaron , Meng Khoo Chin , Tan Alvin , Ming Loh Lih , Chin Kek Peng , Yee Szemen , Lee Daphne , Chuah Matthew , Reilhac Anthonin , Robins Edward , Foo Roger

IntroductionUnilateral PA can be cured with unilateral adrenalectomy. Adrenal vein sampling (AVS) is the current reference test to identify unilateral PA, but it is invasive and technically-difficult. 11C-metomidate PET-CT offers a non-invasive alternative to AVS. We compared the accuracy of AVS and PET-CT in identifying patients with unilateral surgically-curable PA.MethodsIn this prospective multi-centre cl...

ea0086op2.3 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular | SFEBES2022

Complete clinical cure of primary aldosteronism (PA) is predictable and sustained for at least two years

Goodchild Emily , Wu Xilin , Senanayake Russell , Bashari Waiel , Salsbury Jackie , Cabrera Claudia , Argentesi Giulia , O'Toole Samuel , MacFarlane James , Laycock Kate , Benu Daniela , Matson Matthew , Koo Brendan , Parvanta Laila , Hilliard Nick , Kosmoliaptsis Vasilis , Marker Alison , Berney Daniel , Tan Wilson , Foo Roger , Mein Charles , Wozniak Eva , Savage Emmanuel , Sahdev Anju , Bird Nicholas , Boros Istvan , Hader Stefan , Warnes Victoria , Gillett Dan , Dawnay Anne , Adeyeye Elizabeth , Prete Alessandro , Taylor Angela , Wiebke Arlt , Bhuva Anish , Aigbirhio Franklin , Manisty Charlotte , Cruickshank Kennedy , Cheow Heok , Gurnell Mark , Drake William , Brown Morris

Introduction: In a prospective within-patient study (MATCH) 11C-metomidate PET-CT (MTO) was an accurate non-invasive alternative to adrenal vein sampling in the detection of unilateral PA1. Post-adrenalectomy (ADX), 24/78 (30%) patients achieved complete clinical success (PASO consensus) at 6 months, but 75% achieved reduction in B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP).Aim: To determine: 1. the number of patients who sustain complete clinical success...