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ea0041gp138 | Obesity | ECE2016

Dietary and weight loss effects on human gut microbiome diversity and metabolism

Fangmann Daniela , Heinsen Femke-Anouska , Schulte Dominik M , Ruhlemann Malte-Christoph , Turk Kathrin , Settgast Ute , Muller Nike , Lieb Wolfgang , Baines John F , Schreiber Stefan , Franke Andre , Laudes Matthias

Introduction: Changes in the gut microbiome have been associated with the development of obesity. The aim of the present study was to examine i) the effect of a formula based very-low-calorie weight loss diet (VLCD) on the gut microbiome of obese humans and ii) whether if potential changes are sustained during weight maintenance.Patients and methods: The study consisted of 3 months VLCD (~800 kcal/d) followed by 3 months of weight maintenance. 18 obese h...