Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0048we1 | Workshop E: Disorders of the gonads | SFEEU2017

Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome and breastfeeding

Fraterrigo Gemma , Drake William

A 37-year-old lady with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS, 46,XY) presented with the desire to breastfeed her first child during the pregnancy of a surrogate mother. Her past medical history included thyrotoxicosis initially treated with block-and-replace regime, followed by multiple relapses, and definitive treatment with radioactive iodine ablation. There was a family history of complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (two sister out of four) and one sister had ...

ea0048wa6 | Workshop A: Disorders of the hypothalamus and pituitary | SFEEU2017

Amenorrhoea and hyperprolactinaemia

Fraterrigo Gemma , Grieve Joan , Drake William

Case history: A 19 year old lady presented with amenorrhoea, fatigue and headaches. She had normal pubertal growth spurt with an appropriate height for mid-parental height. Her menarche was at age 17, another bleed at 18 but amenorrhoeic since. There was right sided galactorrhoea only on expression. In her teens she had an eating disorder, periods of self-harm and low mood. No treatment except for St. John’s Wort occasionally. No visual disturbance was present.<p clas...

ea0048wh5 | Workshop H: Miscellaneous endocrine and metabolic disorders | SFEEU2017

A complex case of Von Hippel Lindau syndrome: RCC vs NET metastases?

Fraterrigo Gemma , O'Toole Sam , Plowman Nick , Pushpananthan Suresh , Paraskevopoulos Dimitris , Ang Swee , Drake William

Case history: A 45 year old lady with Von Hippel Lindau syndrome with a complex past medical history presented with symptoms of cauda equina compression. Past medical history includes cerebellar hemangioblastomas, bilateral retinal angiomas, right sided renal cell carcinoma and renal carcinoid tumour treated with partial and then completion nephrectomy, bilateral phaeochromocytoma treated with bilateral adrenalectomy, metastatic neuroendocrine tumour treated with Whipple’...