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ea0016p661 | Signal transduction | ECE2008

NOD proteins expression and function in the pituitary folliculostellate cells

Correa-de-Santana Eliane , Frohlich Bianca , Theodoropoulou Marily , Paez-Pereda Marcelo , Onofri Chiara , Labeur Martha , Renner Ulrich , Karl Stalla Gunter

Folliculostellate (FS) cells were found to regulate hormonal secretion in pituitary endocrine cells. This cell type share properties with components of the innate immune response such as dendritic cells and macrophages, and it is suggested that they are able to initiate immune responses and act as part of an immunoendocrine regulation system. Members of toll-like receptor (TLR) family recognize bacterial cell wall components and initiate an immune response. Recently, we detect...