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ea0073aep491 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2021

The role of cannulated prolactin test in females of reproductive age presenting with isolated mild persistent hyperprolactinaemia on random sampling

Gad Hady , Mamoojee Yaasir , James Andy

IntroductionCurrent guidelines recommend a single elevated prolactin measurement drawn without excessive venepuncture stress as sufficient for diagnosing hyperprolactinaemia. However, previous studies have demonstrated that the cannulated prolactin test is more reliable at eliminating stress-induced hyperprolactinaemia, thus avoiding unnecessary additional investigations. We routinely perform morning serial prolactin sampling immediately after brachial v...

ea0086p36 | Bone and Calcium | SFEBES2022

Milk-alkali syndrome presenting as severe hypercalcemia in pregnancy

Gad Hady , Zeitoon Saeed , Meneni Deepika , Nag Sath

Introduction: Milk-alkali syndrome is characterized by the triad of hypercalcaemia, metabolic alkalosis, and acute kidney injury and occurs due to excessive use of elemental calcium. Despite the widespread use of proton pump inhibitors, it is the third most common cause of hypercalcaemia after primary hyperparathyroidism and malignancy.Case presentation: A previously normocalcaemic 33-year-old patient presented at 34 weeks gestation, feeling non-specific...