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ea0035p49 | Adrenal cortex | ECE2014

The influence of diagnostic criteria on the interpretation of adrenal venous sampling

Lethielleux Gaelle , Amar Laurence , Plouin Pierre-Francois , Steichen Olivier

Objective: Recent guidelines promote adrenal venous sampling (AVS) as the reference test to document lateralised aldosterone hypersecretion in primary aldosteronism (PA). However, there are wide discrepancies between institutions in the criteria used. Our objective was to evaluate their consequences on the interpretation of AVS results.Design and methods: All 506 AVS performed from 01/2001 to 03/2009 in our institution were included. Results were interpr...

ea0056gp119 | Endocrine Case Reports | ECE2018

Non-syndromic multiple insulinomas with atypical clinico-biological presentation in two adult patients: a specific entity?

Bonnet-Serrano Fideline , Lethielleux Gaelle , Gaujoux Sebastien , North Marie-Odile , Terris Benoit , Guibourdenche Jean , Bertherat Jerome

Introduction: Insulinoma is the most frequent functional endocrine tumor of the pancreas but remains rare with an incidence of less than 5 cases by million and by year. It is often sporadic but can occur in the context of MEN1 in about 5% of cases, being then readily multiple. Clinically, it is typically responsible for fasting hypoglycemic episodes. Only one case of multiple insulinomas, with no obvious argument for MEN1 context, has previously been reported (Babic an al., <e...