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ea0016p571 | Obesity | ECE2008

Inflammatory parameters in obesity: lack of influence of weight loss

Sola Eva , Jover Ana , Garcia Katherinne , Salvador Carlos , Morillas Carlos , Hernandez-Mijares Antonio

Introduction: Obesity has been associated with a low-level activation of the acute-phase response. The aim of the present study was to compare inflammatory parameters in patients with obesity and a control group, and to evaluate the effect of weight loss on these parameters.Methods: Sixty-seven severe or morbid obese patients (51 women, 16 men), aged 34±11 years, were compared with 67 normal-weight controls (45 women, 22 men), aged 32±10 years....

ea0016p572 | Obesity | ECE2008

Activated protein C levels in obesity and weight loss influence

Sola Eva , Espana Francisco , Vaya Amparo , Estelles Amparo , Garcia Katherinne , Hernandez-Mijares Antonio

Introduction: Several haemostatic disturbances have been described in obese patients. Nevertheless, the state of coagulation inhibitors has been scarcely studied in these patients. Activated protein C (APC) is the anticoagulant enzyme formed upon activation of the protein C (PC) by the thrombin-thrombomodulin complex on the surface of endothelial cells. Morbid obesity is associated to endothelial dysfunction, which could cause a reduction in APC generation.<p class="abstex...