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ea0011p728 | Steroids | ECE2006

Capillary blood, an alternative to saliva for the diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome?

Belaidi N , Mimouni S , Ourioux C , Gatta B , Corcuff JB

Introduction: As an alternative to cortisol assays in the serum or saliva to diagnose hypercorticisme we evaluated the ability of a commercial cortisol assay to assess capillary blood cortisol concentrations using routine procedures.Methods: Capillary blood was obtained using a device used by diabetics to routinely assess capillary glucose levels and deposited on Schleicher-Scheull 903 blotter paper (routinely used for neonatal diagnosis of hypothyroidis...

ea0029p55 | Adrenal cortex | ICEECE2012

Urinary cortisol metabolites in corticotroph and adrenal tumours

Brossaud J. , Ducint D. , Gatta B. , Molimard M. , Tabarin A. , Corcuff J.

We investigated whether urinary cortisol metabolites could help to diagnose patients with cortisol oversecretion either with benign adrenal or corticotroph tumours.Liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometric assay (LC-MSMS) of cortisol (F)m, cortisone, tetra-hydrocortisol (THF), allo-THF, tetra-hydrocortisone (THE), α-cortol, β-cortol, α-cortolone, α-cortolone and internal standard 6-α-methylprednisolone were assayed after de...

ea0011p301 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | ECE2006

In-patients food intake and reasons of non-consumption

Gatta B , Daniel-Lamazière D , Corcuff J-B , Poirier F , Petitpierre M-N , Morizot F , Gin H

Background: In-patients inadequate food intake can worsen the prevalence and degree of malnutrition.Patients and methods: A “one day” questionnaire was used in medicine (M-Dpts) geriatric (G-Dpts) and surgery (S-Dpts) departments of a university hospital to: i) evaluate nutritional status with the Detky score, ii) quantify food intake, iii) understand the reasons of non-consumption of in-patients (n 286, 46 & 104 in M-, G- & S-Dpts, res...