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ea0039ep84 | Miscellaneous/other | BSPED2015

Congenital hyperinsulinism due to SUR1 (ABCC8) mutation in newborn twins: improvement of clinical outcome after eight years follow-up

Ersoy Betul , Tansug Nermin , Genc Abdulkadir , Kizilay Deniz , Kiremitci Semiha , Ayhan Semin , Lonlay Pascale D E

Introduction: Congenital hyperinsulinism (CHI), is the most frequent cause of persistent hypoglycemia in infancy. Mutations in the ABCC8 gene are responsible for 40–50% of CHI cases. Its management can be extremely complicated. The main goal of the treatment is to maintain normoglycemia, since hypoglycemia during infancy can have severe neurological consequences. Herein, we report 8 year follow up of twin patients who were diagnosed with CHI at neonatal period due to SUR1...