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ea0026p231 | Pituitary | ECE2011

The reliability of GH stimulation tests in the diagnosis of childhood GH deficiency

Szanto Zs , Kun I Z , Gergely K , Balazs J , Nasalean A

Objective: To evaluate the reliability of GH stimulation tests in multiple pituitary hormone deficiency (MPHD) and isolated GHD.Materials and methods: In 19 children with MPHD, we analysed the results of insulin tolerance test (ITT), clonidine and sleep tests, anthropometric parameters, IGF1, bone age, pituitary hormone levels±MRI. GH provocation tests were repeated after variable periods, mostly 6–24 months. The GH provocation tests were consi...

ea0063gp169 | Obesity (1) | ECE2019

The role of copeptin and cortisol in critically ill patients

Gergics Marin , Pham-Dobor Greta , Tarjanyi Zita , Montsko Gergely , Kőszegi Tamas , Mezősi Emese , Bajnok Laszlo

Introduction: Both cortisol and vasopressin are stress hormones. Earlier, our group demonstrated that serum concentrations of free cortisol at admissions to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) were independent predictors of survival in critically ill patients. Other investigators have demonstrated that serum copeptin, a surrogate marker of vasopressin may also be a predictive factor in this patient population. The aim of our present study was to compare the prognostic roles of serum...