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ea0063gp204 | Diabetes: Pharmacotherapy | ECE2019

Fasting insulin levels correlate with the incidence of hypoglycemic events in patients with Type 2 Diabetes treated with sulfonylureas: a retrospective cross-sectional study

Kolokas Konstantinos , Koufakis Theocharis , Avramidis Iakovos , Gerou Spyridon , Chatzidimitriou Maria , Kazakos Kyriakos , Karras Spyridon , Kotsa Kalliopi

Background: Sulfonylureas (SUs) are known to increase fasting insulin levels in patients with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) treated with these agents. Whether this increase is related to a greater risk of hypoglycemia has not yet been sufficiently elucidated.Methods: The study included 58 patients with T2D who had been on treatment with SUs, but not insulin, for more than 2 years. Confirmed hypoglycemic episodes during the past year were self-reported by the pat...

ea0041ep360 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid/Others | ECE2016

Pretibial myxedema in a euthyroid patient without history of autoimmune thyroid disease

Anagnostis Panagiotis , Artzouchaltzi Aikaterini , Grekou Alexandra , Stogiannou Dimitrios , Skalkou Anastasia , Gekas Nifwn , Gerou Spyridon , Tzalokostas Vasilios

Introduction: Pretibial myxedema (PM) is a rare extrathyroidal manifestation of GravesÂ’ disease, with most patients being in hyperthyroid state. PM has also rarely been described in Hashimoto thyroiditis.Case report: A 61-year old Caucasian woman attended our outpatient dermatology clinic for evaluation and management of bilateral erythema, involving the lower two-thirds of the pretibial regions. She reported appearance of the same lesion 11 years a...

ea0032p370 | Diabetes | ECE2013

Serum vaspin levels in women with and without gestational diabetes mellitus during pregnancy and postpartum

Gkiomisi Athina , Makedou Kali , Anastasilakis Athanasios , Polyzos Stergios , Kourtis Anargyros , Gerou Spyridon , Gavana Elpida , Dagklis Themistoklis , Rousso David , Giannoulis Charalambos

Although vaspin is regarded an insulin-sensitizing adipokine, its role in gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is currently unknown. We aimed to evaluate serum vaspin levels and their correlation with insulin resistance in women with and without GDM. Forty-four women with GDM (GDM Group 20 managed with diet only (GDM-diet) and 24 with diet plus insulin (GDM-insulin)) and 44 age-matched pregnant women with normal glucose tolerance (control group) were studied. Serum glucose, lip...

ea0063gp16 | Calcium and Bone 1 | ECE2019

The effect of parathyroidectomy on glucose homeostasis and incretin hormone release in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism: a pilot study

Antonopoulou Vasiliki , Grammatiki Maria , Koufakis Theocharis , Karras Spyridon , Yavropoulou Maria , Katsiki Niki , Gerou Spyridon , Gavana Elpida , Skoura Lemonia , Zebekakis Pantelis , Papavramidis Theodosios , Kotsa Kalliopi

Background: Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) has been linked to glucose homeostasis disorders, leading to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Previous small studies evaluating the effect of parathyroidectomy (PTX) on various parameters of glucose metabolism have produced conflicting results. The impact of PTX on incretin hormone levels has not been studied yet. The aim of this pilot study was to investigate the effect of PTX on markers of glucose metabolism and ...