Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0073ep20 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2021

Aldosterone antagonist responsive hypokalaemia, hypercortisolism and colonic pseudo-obstruction

Giri Ravindran Suganya , Mulla Kaenat , Tauni Rahat , Kehinde Razak

Hypokalemia is a common and potentially fatal electrolyte disturbance, especially in hospitalised patients. Therefore, prompt assessment and management is vital to avoid serious complications. We report a case of 77 Year old gentleman with a background of Alzheimer’s presenting with abdominal distension, intermittent diarrhoea and shortness of breath. He had normal blood pressure with no signs of Cushing syndrome but was found to have hypokalaemia. Plain imaging revealed ...

ea0073ep40 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2021

Shoulder pain, polyuria and lytic lesions: novel presentation of primary hyperparathyroidism or multiple myeloma?

Mulla Kaenat , Giri Ravindran Suganya , Tauni Rahat , Ostberg Julia

Traditionally, patients diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism present with mild hypercalcaemia and tend to be asymptomatic. Symptomatic patients tend to have severely high calcium and exhibit the classic ’bones, stones, abdominal moans and psychic groans.’ We present a case of a 92-year-old Caucasian gentleman presenting with recurrent falls, postural hypotension and trauma to head and shoulder. X-ray imaging showed small non-specific lucencies in the cervical a...

ea0070ep78 | Bone and Calcium | ECE2020

Hypercalcemic encephalopathy – A rare presenting manifestation of Sarcoidosis

Kumar P Kiran , Batra C M , Giri Ravindran Suganya , Goyal Monika

Background: Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory granulomatous multisystem disorder commonly presenting with noncaseating granulomas in lung and lymphoid tissue. Other organs like skin, eye and joints also involved.Case report: We present a 62-year-old diabetic woman presented to the emergency with progressive alteration in sensorium and left hemiparesis for two days. Patient had lower respiratory tract associated with recurrent hypoglycaemic attacks two weeks...

ea0077p255 | Thyroid | SFEBES2021

Graves’ thyrotoxicosis complicated by mental health disorder and twin pregnancy

Mulla Kaenat , Giri Ravindran Suganya , Bahowairath Fatima , Mehta Anku , Bhatti Tahir , O’Shea Triona , Kostoula Melina , Ostberg Julia E

We present a case of a young female, who was diagnosed with Graves’ thyrotoxicosis in 2019 with very high TSH Receptor antibody. She had a goitre and mild thyroid ophthalmopathy and was commenced on carbimazole. She was followed up in the Endocrine Clinic and carbimazole was titrated according to the clinical and biochemical picture. Her past medical history included epilepsy, generalised anxiety, and emotionally unstable personality disorder. She had difficult social cir...