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ea0049ep1285 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

Improved diagnostics with increased treatment of hypothyroidism during pregnancy – a 10 year study of Finnish pregnant women

Turunen Suvi , Mannisto Tuija , Hartikainen Anna-Liisa , Gissler Mika , Lahesmaa-Korpinen Anna-Maria , Vaarasmaki Marja , Suvanto Eila

Thyroid diseases affect up to 4% of all pregnancies. Several evidence-based recommendations have been created to observe and treat thyroid diseases in pregnant women. We studied whether the diagnostics and treatment of hypothyroidism among pregnant women have improved in the course of time. Data consisted of all singleton pregnancies (N=571785) during 2004–2013 in Finland, collected from the Finnish Medical Birth Register (MBR). Data on maternal thyroid diseases ...

ea0099rc1.6 | Rapid Communications 1: Reproductive and Developmental Endocrinology | ECE2024

The prevalence of serious autoimmune diseases is increased in women with premature ovarian insufficiency in Finland – A population-based study

Savukoski Susanna , Silven Heidi , Pesonen Paula , Pukkala Eero , Gissler Mika , Suvanto Eila , Ollila Meri-Maija , Niinimaki Maarit

Introduction: Autoimmunity is an important etiological factor of premature ovarian insufficiency (POI, menopause <40 years). It has been estimated that 4-50 % of POI cases are of autoimmune origin. Only a few studies, with sample sizes of dozens to hundreds POI cases, have investigated the prevalence of autoimmune diseases in women with POI. We aimed to assess in an essentially larger data set the prevalence of severe autoimmune diseases treated in tertiary care prior to P...

ea0099p263 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2024

Risk of type 2 diabetes in 99,892 nordic women with polycystic ovary syndrome and 446,055 controls: national cohort study from Denmark, Finland and Sweden

Glintborg Dorte , Ollila Meri-Maija , Moller Jens-Jakob , Pesonen Paula , Persson Sofia , Elenis Evangelia , Rubin Katrine , Gissler Mika , Andersen Marianne , Sundstrom-Poromaa Inger , Piltonen Terhi

Background: The risk of type 2 diabetes (T2D) in PCOS is associated with BMI, but prospective data regarding risk of T2D in PCOS are limited. We investigated prospective risk of T2D in Nordic women with PCOS compared to controls.Methods: National register-based study in women with PCOS and age-matched controls originating from Denmark (PCOS Denmark, (n=27,016, controls, (n=133,994), Finland (PCOS Finland, (n=20,467, controls, (...