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ea0032p784 | Obesity | ECE2013

PTH one year after gastric bypass in morbidly obese patients

Polovina Snezana , Micic Dragan , Gligorijevic Jelena , Sumarac-Dumanovic Mirjana , Cvijovic Goran , Stamenkovic-Pejkovic Danica , Milin Jelena , Micic Dusan , Jeremic Danka

Introduction: After gastric bypass, gastric secretion decreased and resorption of minerals and vitamins may be compromised. Lower resorpion of serum calcium and vitamin D could stimulate PTH secretion after restictive and malabsorptive bariatric procedures.Methods: We have measured serum calcium, D vitamin and PTH in patients (n=50, 17 males and 33 females) 6 and 12 months after R en Y gastric bypass, 38.6±12.6 years of age, with BMI 43&#17...

ea0037ep564 | Obesity and cardiovascular endocrinology | ECE2015

Haematopoietic system 3 years after gastric bypass

Polovina Snezana , Gligorijevic Jelena , Sumarac/Dumanovic Mirjana , Gregoric Pavle , Kendereski Aleksandra , Cvijovic Goran , Zoric Svetlana , Stamenkovic/Pejkovic Danica , Micic Dusan , Jeremic Danka , Gligic Ana , Divnic Aleksandra , Micic Dragan

Bariatric surgery, especially malapsorptive procedures like gastric bypass, can lead to anaemia due to lack of iron absorption as well as vitamins essential for the normal functioning of the hematopoietic system.Methods: We have analysed changes in red blood cells (RBC), haemoglobin (Hb), white blood cells (WBC), serum iron (Fe), and vitamin B12 3 years after gastric bypass in 142 morbidly obese patients (female, n=108 and male, n=34). ...