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ea0085oc10.5 | Oral Communications 10 | BSPED2022

Factors affecting the hypoglycaemic response in the insulin tolerance test in paediatric patients

Xiao Yu , Puthi Vijith , Gorman Samantha , Hendriks Emile , Thankamony Ajay

Background: The Insulin Tolerance Test (ITT) is the gold standard for assessing pituitary function in adults, but used variably in paediatrics due to concerns of serious adverse events. Our aim was to assess the safety of ITT and identify factors associated with the hypoglycaemic response.Methods: We retrospectively collected the following data from patients who underwent ITT (n=122) under Paediatric Endocrinology from 2019-2021: demography, ant...

ea0027p9 | (1) | BSPED2011

A survey of patient/carer opinions and preferences on choice of GH injection device

Fisher Benjamin G , Gorman Samantha , Reyes Karis , Sparrow Susan , Acerini Carlo L

Introduction: Approximately 3200 children and young people in the UK receive GH therapy. Currently 12 different GH injection devices are available, with NHS guidance (NICE-TA188) recommending that patients/carers should have a choice of product. Whilst there is evidence that offering such choice may improve treatment adherence, little is known about its importance to patients/carers, nor whether device preferences should be reviewed after a period of treatment.<p class="ab...

ea0095p84 | Adrenal 2 | BSPED2023

Evaluation of early morning cortisol levels compared to short synacthen test to assess adrenal function

Bornat Sylvie , Gorman Samantha , Hendriks Emile , Labeja Betty , Reyes Karis , Sparrow Susan , Thankamony Ajay , Marchovecchio Loredana , Oddy Sue , Walton-Betancourth Sandra

Background: The short synacthen test (SST) is commonly used to evaluate the integrity of the hypothalamic┬ľpituitary┬ľadrenal (HPA) axis in children. However, this test is time-consuming, requiring cannulation, several blood samples, and medical observation. Studies in adults have suggested an early morning serum cortisol level could be used to rule out or confirm adrenal insufficiency, reducing reliance on SSTs, however, few studies have evaluated thi...