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ea0056gp79 | Diabetes Complications | ECE2018

Outcomes of hyperglycemia in patients with and without diabetes mellitus hospitalized for infectious diseases

Gorshtein Alexander , Shimon Ilan , Akirov Amit

Context: Hyperglycemia is common among patients with and without diabetes mellitus (DM) hospitalized for infectious diseases. The long-term outcomes of hyperglycemia have not been adequately studied in this population.Objective: Examine the prognostic implications of hyperglycemia and the importance of glycemic control in patients with and without DM during hospitalization for infectious diseases.Methods: Historical prospectively c...

ea0016p483 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2008

mTOR inhibitors rapamycin and RAD001 (Everolimus) induce antiproliferative effects in GH3 cell line and human pituitary adenomas

Rubinfeld Hadara , Gorshtein Alexander , Kendler Efrat , Hadani Moshe , Shimon Ilan

The effect of mTOR inhibitors on pituitary tumors is unknown. Akt overexpression was demonstrated in pituitary adenomas, which may render them sensitive to the antiproliferative effects of these drugs.To evaluate the in vitro effects of mTOR inhibitor rapamycin, and its orally-bioavailable analog RAD001 on pituitary cells, GH3 cells, a mammosomatotroph rat pituitary tumor cell line, and human GH-secreting and non-functioning pituitary adenoma (NFP...

ea0063gp119 | Diabetes: Late Complications | ECE2019

Glycemic variability and mortality in patients hospitalized to general surgery wards

Gorshtein Alexander , Shochat Tzipora , Dotan Idit , Diker-Cohen Talia , Shimon Ilan , Akirov Amit

Background: Glucose variability (GV) is common among hospitalized patients but the prognostic implications among patients hospitalized to surgical wards are unknown.Objective: Investigate the association between GV, length of stay (LOS) and mortality.Methods: Historical prospectively collected data of patients ≥18 years, hospitalized to general surgery wards between January 2011–December 2017. GV was assessed by coeffici...