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ea0085p35 | Miscellaneous 1 | BSPED2022

A Perfect storm: multisystem endocrine disorders in a girl with T21

Iatan Maria , Grace Mariana

Introduction: Down Syndrome is the commonest genetic disorder with a frequency of 1 in 700 births. Amongst many features associated with this condition, autoimmune and non-autoimmune endocrine disorders are some of the commonest manifestations. We present the case of a child with Down Syndrome with multiple autoimmune endocrine disorders and discuss the challenges she will face in her management as well as upon transition to adult services.Case Report: A...

ea0037ep781 | Pituitary: clinical | ECE2015

Childhood onset GH deficiency: re-evaluation at the point of transition to adult care

Grace Mariana , O'Riordan Stephen , Morissey Rose , Stapeton Mary , O'Connell Susan

Childhood onset GH deficiency (CO-GHD) usually presents with aberrant growth. Treatment is recombinant GH (r-GH) to attain target height. The 2005 European Consensus statement on management of CO-CHD at transition indicates that most adolescents will require repeat GH testing at completion of linear growth. Patients with persistent GHD will require continuation of r-GH for wellbeing, optimal body composition and metabolism. However, there is little data supporting predictors o...