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ea0094p309 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular | SFEBES2023

The diagnostic dilemma of discordance between cross-sectional imaging of an adrenal mass and adrenal vein sampling: a case report

Grundy Megan , Pasieka Janice , Chan Denise , So Benny , Kline Gregory

Introduction: We present a case of primary aldosteronism (PA) with adrenal mass, where lateralization of aldosterone production by adrenal-vein sampling (AVS) was discordant with cross-sectional imaging. We highlight an approach to investigation of PA using functional nuclear imaging, and show that subclinical cortisol excess may impact the reliability of AVS.Case: 70 year old female with 2.6 cm left-sided adrenal mass, ...

ea0094op8.3 | Late Breaking Abstracts Respectively | SFEBES2023

Unsuspected autonomous adrenal cortisol excess and primary aldosteronism accurately diagnosed by NP59 scanning after discordant adrenal vein sampling

Grundy Megan , Pasieka Janice , So Benny , Caughlin Cori , Przybojewski Stefan , Harvey Adrian , Hyrcza Martin , Leung Alexander A. , Kline Gregory

Introduction: Adrenal vein sampling (AVS) is considered gold-standard for diagnosis of unilateral primary aldosteronism (PA), and necessary pre-surgery. Imaging-AVS discordance may occur in up to 30-40% of PA-AVS series, and presents a diagnostic dilemma which may preclude surgery. Lateralization by AVS is defined as the ratio of aldosterone concentrations normalized by cortisol from each adrenal vein, and is thus sensitive to any pathologic asymmetry in corti...