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ea0014p290 | (1) | ECE2007

Elevated plasma FABP4 (aP2) levels in hypothyroidism: potential implication for accelerated atherosclerosis

Ozisik Gokhan , Caglayan Sinan , Gultepe Mustafa , Ozata Metin

Context: FABP4 (adipocyte-specific fatty acid-binding protein 4, also known as aP2) is a cytoplasmic lipid chaperon involved in lipid metabolism, glucose homeostasis, and the regulation of inflammatory response. Its expression is limited to adipocytes, macrophages, skeletal muscle, and bronchial epithelia. Recently, a polymorphic allele of the aP2 promoter (−87T→C) has been shown to be associated with decreased FABP4 expression in fat tissue, lowered triglyc...