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ea0029p1360 | Pituitary Basic | ICEECE2012

Effects of Brazilian palm tree extract on ACTH-secreting mouse pituitary tumor cells

Moscardini F. , Domingos M. , Haddad N. , Cabral L. , Miranda-Alves L. , Nasciutti L.

Cushing Disease (CD) is a serious endocrine disorder that is primarily caused by an ACTH-secreting pituitary adenoma. Current treatments of CD present low efficiency in controlling the tumor mass growth and reducing the release of ACTH. This work investigates a possible new therapy for the treatment of pituitary tumors. Using a nanoparticle extract (nanoOse) of a typical Brazilian palm tree, we verify the in vitro effects of this extract on a ACTH-secreting mouse pituit...

ea0029p1355 | Pituitary Basic | ICEECE2012

Lycopene and β-carotene induce growth-inhibitory and proapoptotic effects on pituitary tumor cells: the mechanism could involve Connexin 43

Haddad N. , Teodoro A. , Soares N. , Oliveira F. , Mattos R. , Gomes F. , Gadelha M. , Nasciutti L. , Miranda-Alves L.

Pituitary adenomas account for ~10–15% of intracranial tumors and result in morbidity due to both altered hormonal patterns as well as side effects of therapy. Currently, great attention has been given to natural coumpouds from functional foods. Among these substances, we highlight that the consumption of carotenoids is associated with reduced risk of chronic diseases including cancer and vascular diseases. In this study we evaluate the influence of β-carotene and ly...