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An unusual case of PTHrPoma with coexistent secondary hyperparathyroidism

Sharfi MO , Hardy E , Panahloo AA , Lofts F , Seal LJ

A 76 year-old man presented with back pain anorexia and cachexia. CT scan confirmed a pancreatic mass with liver metastasis. Liver biopsy confirmed a neuroendocrine tumour. Because of left ventricular failure he was unsuitable for tumour reduction therapy. He was hypercalcaemic (2.54–3.1 mmol/l), PTH and PTHrP were elevated [2.5 pmol/l (1.9–6.9), 7.1 pmol/l (<1) respectively]. A diagnosis of PTHrP secreting neuroendocrine tumour with coexisting primary hyperparat...