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ea0020oc2.4 | Diabetes & Obesity | ECE2009

Mc2 receptor in adipocytes is significant for lipid composition and regular lipolysis

Hatiboglu Nilay , Betz Matthias J , Hadaschick Dirk , Mauracher Brigitte , Rachl Monika , Demmelmair Johann , Koletzko Berthold , Slawik Marc , Beuschlein Felix

The melanocortin system is significant for energy homeostasis and receptors have distinct tissue specific expression. The melanocortin 2-receptor (Mc2r) transmits ACTH dependent signalling in the adrenal cortex. Increased expression in adipocytes during differentiation indicates relevance for lipid homeostasis. Mc2r activation in adipocytes results in increased lipolysis, however, implication compared to norepinephrine (NE) stimulated lipolysis is unknown. To further define fu...