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ea0014p329 | (1) | ECE2007

The role of deiodinases in thyronamine biosynthesis

Piehl Susanne , Gabor Balizs , Thomas Heberer , Köhrle Josef

Deiodinases (5′-D1, 5′-D2, 5-D3) control the systemic and local bioavailability of thyroid hormones by removing iodine from their substrates. Thyronamine (T0AM) and 3-iodothyronamine (3-T1AM) are possible novel metabolites of classical thyroid hormones which have been demonstrated to occur endogenously and to display unique effects such as reducing body temperature in mice and activating the plasma membrane bound G-Protein coupled receptor TAAR1 (Scanlan et al.<...

ea0016p701 | Thyroid | ECE2008

Thyronamines are isozyme specific substrates of deiodinases

Piehl Susanne , Heberer Thomas , Balizs Gabor , Scanlan Thomas , Smits Rene , Koksch Beate , Kohrle Josef

3-iodothyronamine (3-T1AM) and thyronamine (T0AM) are novel endogenous signaling molecules that exhibit great structural similarity to thyroid hormones but apparently antagonize classical thyroid hormone (T3) actions. Their proposed biosynthesis from thyroid hormones would require decarboxylation and more or less extensive deiodination. Deiodinases (Dio1, Dio2 and Dio3) catalyze the removal of iodine from their substrates. Since a role of deiod...