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ea0038p395 | Steroids | SFEBES2015

Vitamin D2 vs vitamin D3: effects of total and free 25-hydroxyvitamin D on immune cells in vivo

Hernandez Ivan , Chun Rene , Larner Dean , Jemkinson Carl , Jeffery Louisa , Adams John S , Hewison Martin

Vitamin D metabolites such as 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25D) circulate bound primarily to vitamin D binding protein (DBP). However, for most extra-renal tissues 25D uptake is independent of DBP, even though the ‘free’ 25D fraction is very small. DBP has a lower binding affinity for 25D2 compared to 25D3. We hypothesized that this would increase serum free 25D2, with possible variations in vitamin D function. Mice were placed on diets containing equal amounts (1000 IU/kg) ...