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ea0094p397 | Thyroid | SFEBES2023

Is it euthyroid sick syndrome or central hypothyroidism?

Hla Myat Mon , Praveena Vankayalapati

73-year-old gentleman presented to AEC with 3-week history of shortness of breath, cough with sputum production, generalised weakness and loss of appetite. He was found to have iron deficiency anaemia and hyponatraemia (120mmol/l). He had history of type2 diabetes, and hypertension. On workup for hyponatremia, both free T3 and free T4 are reduced with suppressed TSH 0.01 uIU/ml. TSH receptor antibody was negative. He was started on levothyroxine 50mg on suspicion of secondary ...

ea0094p24 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular | SFEBES2023

Unusual presentation of two patients with spontaneous pheochromocytoma

Hla Myat Mon , Praveena Vankayalapati , Sheharyar Qureshi

Here we present two interesting cases of pheochromocytoma with unusual presentation. Case1: A 61-year-old gentleman presented with syncope after noticing small amount of haematuria. His initial working diagnosis was vasovagal syncope but on further exploration, he reported previous history of palpitations and atypical chest pain. He was non-smoker with longstanding hypertension. His CT(urogram) showed incidental left adrenal nodule after...

ea0094p315 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular | SFEBES2023

New onset adrenal insufficiency post-astrazeneca vaccine

Hla Myat Mon , Praveena Vankayalapati , Sheharyar Qureshi

The COVID-19 vaccine plays an important role in managing the pandemic. Unfortunately, there are endocrine side effects also noted. The 36-year-old lady felt unwell 2 weeks post-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. She got admitted to the hospital after 6weeks with persistent vomiting and significant hyponatremia. She has a past history of well-controlled asthma and hypothyroidism. Random cortisol on admission was 31 nmol/l, and a short synacthen test(SST) confirmed adrenal insufficie...