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ea0005p161 | Growth and Development | BES2003

Testosterone enhances the effect of growth hormone (GH) to increase IGF-I but exerts an anabolic effect that is independent of GH action

Gibney J , Wolthers T , Males M , Smythe G , Umpleby A , Ho K

Growth hormone (GH) and testosterone are both potent anabolic hormones, but it is not known whether they interact to positively regulate protein metabolism. To address this question, we have carried out two studies, in which we have investigated the impact of GH alone, testosterone alone and combined GH+testosterone, on whole body protein metabolism in hypopituitary men.In the first study, ten subjects received either GH (1.5 units daily) or GH+testosterone (250 milligrams...

ea0003p177 | Neuroendocrinology | BES2002

Growth hormone deficient patients over 60 years require a low dose of GH and short titration phase to achieve normal serum IGF-I levels

Mah P , Newell-Price J , Doane A , Ibbotson V , Ho K , Ross R

AIM: 1) To determine GH dose requirement in GH deficient patients aged over 60 years. METHODS: The study was approved by the local Ethics Committee. Patients were started on Genotropin 0.4 units (0.13 mg)/day after baseline assessment. Serum IGF-I was repeated at 2-weekly intervals. Maintenance GH dose was achieved when serum IGF-1 was between the median and upper end of the age-related range. RESULTS: 16 patients (10 men & 6 women) were recruited. Their median (range) age...

ea0005p181 | Neuroendocrinology and Behaviour | BES2003

A randomised double-blind cross-over study of GH treatment in patients over 60 years

Mah P , Walters S , Newell-Price J , Webster J , Doane A , Ibbotson V , Hosker J , Jones T , Ho K , Eastell R , Ross R

AIM: To assess efficacy of GH replacement and safety of stopping treatment in patients aged over 60 years.METHODS: GH-deficient patients were started on GH 0.13 miligram per day and the dose titrated over 4 months to a serum IGF-1 in the upper half of the age-related normal range. After 4 months titration, patients were randomised to either continuing GH or placebo in a double-blind, cross-over study with 2 x 4 month periods of either GH or placebo treatment.RESULTS: 1...