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ea0003p283 | Thyroid | BES2002

Thyroid hormone (TH) regulation of iodothyronine deiodinase and thyroid hormone receptor (TR) expression in placental trophoblast cells

Hobbs E , Driver P , McCabe C , Franklyn J , Kilby M

Subtle irregularity in maternal thyroid status during the 1st trimester of pregnancy is associated with abnormalities of neurodevelopment in childhood. Both iodothyronine deiodinase and TR expression in the fetoplacental unit are fundamental in controlling active TH delivery to the fetus. Using real time RT-PCR and gene specific Taqman probes and primers, we quantified mRNA expression of the deiodinase enzymes D2 and D3, and TRalpha1, TRalpha2 and TRbeta1 in the absence and pr...