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ea0022p346 | Diabetes | ECE2010

Microvascular reactivity and oxidative stress after standard breakfast in patients with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes

Horova Eva , Prazny Martin , Skrha Jan

Aim of the study: The aim of the study was to compare skin microvascular reactivity (MVR) with oxidative stress and metabolic parameters at fasting status and postprandially in patients with recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes.Methods: Twenty patients with type 2 diabetes (mean age 58±6 years, HbA1C 4.8±0.5%, diabetes duration 2.3±1.3 years, metformin treatment only) were included in the study. Blood samples were taken before and after 60, ...

ea0016p400 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2008

Impaired microvascular reactivity and endothelial function in patients with Cushing's syndrome

Durovcova Viktoria , Prazny Martin , Jezkova Jana , Horova Eva , Hana Vaclav , Kvasnicka Jan , Pecen Ladislav , Marek Josef , Skrha Jan , Krsek Michal

It is well known that hypercortisolism is associated with increased morbidity and mortality caused predominantly by vascular and atherosclerotic complications. The effect of hypercortisolism on microvasculature is less known. The aim of this study was to evaluate skin microvascular reactivity (MVR) in relation to arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus and other possible influencing factors (fibrinolysis, oxidative stress and endothelial function) in patients with Cushing&#14...