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ea0006s23 | Steroid replacement | SFE2003

Steroid Replacement Therapy

Howlett T

Adrenocortical insufficiency is a life-threatening hormonal deficiency which is readily treatable, but which commonly presents with longstanding, vague symptomatology. ACTH deficiency (the most common cause) requires only glucocorticoid replacement while patients with Addison's disease are also deficient in aldosterone and require fludrocortisone replacement.Hydrocortisone is the standard form of glucocorticoid replacement, and directly replaces the miss...

ea0006s25 | Steroid replacement | SFE2003


Kieffer V , Robinson C , Howlett T

Patients with hypoadrenalism are at risk of life-threatening events if they do not receive adequate glucocorticoid replacement during intercurrent illness. We think that these patients should know when and how to adjust their steroid dose when ill. We also think they should possess, and know how to give themselves, an injection of hydrocortisone for emergencies.Current education is given ad hoc at clinic visits, supported by written information, but ther...

ea0003p279 | Thyroid | BES2002

Analysis of a clinical workstation thyrotoxicosis share-care scheme

Chatterjee S , Kieffer V , Howlett T

We analysed thyroid function tests (TFT; tT4 +TSH ±fT4) and clinical outcomes in patients with thyrotoxicosis managed with the aid of a computerised Thyrotoxicosis Shared-Care Scheme (TSC) between 1994 and 2001. During this 7-year period, 900 patients had been managed via TSC. 319 were in TSC since receipt of the initial referral letter, of whom 268 commenced TSC by mid-2000 with at least 6 months subsequent follow up (FU) data in the same tT4 assay and were analysed i...

ea0009p180 | Clinical | BES2005

Pituitary Apoplexy. Retrospective review of 28 patients: is surgical intervention always necessary?

Gruber A , Kumar S , Robertson I , Howlett T , Mansell P

We report 28 patients (21M 7F; 17-86y) with pituitary apoplexy presenting between 1988 and 2004. Presenting features included: headache in 25 patients, 'collapse' in 3, vomiting in 13, complete blindness in 4, decreased visual acuity in 13, visual field loss in 12 and ophthalmoplegia in 16. Only 4 had no initial visual deficit. Predisposing factors included a known pituitary tumour in 4 patients, anticoagulant therapy in 3 patients and ITP in 1 patient. CT was initial imaging ...

ea0029p1427 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Control of GH and IGF1 in acromegaly in the UK: responses to medical treatment

Howlett T. , Willis D. , Walker G. , Wass J. , Trainer P. , UK National Acromegaly Register Investigators

UK National Acromegaly Register collects data on real-life clinical practice in 34 centres. We analysed all GH and IGF1 data to assess adequacy of control on medical treatment (Rx) with somatostatin analogs (SMS) and dopamine agonists (DA).Methods: All GH records (basal, profile or GTT) in database were correlated with IGF1, Rx, surgery (TSS) and radiotherapy (RT), then processed to derive summary data for each patient and each course of Rx. GH considere...

ea0029p1654 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ICEECE2012

Review of a thyrotoxicosis shared-care scheme: treatment choice and outcomes

Howlett T. , Kieffer V. , Robinson C. , Peat I. , Kong M. , Gleeson H. , Levy M.

Since 1994, after initial outpatient review (OPD) for thyrotoxicosis, we have minimised OPD attendance and provided shared-care advice to primary care physicians on thyroid function tests (TFT) and anti-thyroid drug (ATD) and levothyroxine (T4) dose titration using our electronic patient record (EPR). Using EPR data we analysed treatment (Rx) choice, effectiveness and outcomes, classifying patients as autoimmune (+ve TPO or other Graves’ features), nodular, mix...

ea0019p296 | Reproduction | SFEBES2009

Patient reported outcomes for the use of metformin in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

Hillary C , Conway A , Waung J , Elrishi M , Levy M , Howlett T

Background: Metformin is an established treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) but patient-reported outcomes with respect to its effects and tolerability have not been widely reported. About 68 patients with PCOS treated with metformin in our clinic were surveyed by questionnaire.Results: a. Demographics: 42/68 patients were currently, and 26 previously treated with metformin for PCOS. Median age and BMI was 31 years (range 16–49), and ...

ea0010p52 | Pituitary | SFE2005

A prospective follow up study of cognitive function in patients with pituitary tumours requiring surgery

Treece K , Narayanan K , Wass J , Karavitaki N , Parker D , Howlett T , Quinton R , Page R

Between March 1998 and October 2002, 62 patients requiring trans-sphenoidal pituitary surgery (PS) and 36 patients requiring endoscopic sinus surgery (controls, C) were recruited. Patients were aged 18–65 years and had not had previous surgery or radiotherapy to the brain. The mean ages (p>0.05) and genders (p>0.05) of the two groups were similar 47 years, 41% male (PS) compared with 43 years, 39% male (C). Baseline IQ of the two groups was also similar, 101&#177...