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ea0015p204 | Neuroendocrinology and behaviour | SFEBES2008

Increased desire for food when fasted is associated with increased activation of the ventral striatum, insula and amygdala in humans

Goldstone Anthony P , de Hernandez Christina Prechtl , Muhammed Kinan , Bell Gabriel , Durighel Giuliana , Hughes Emer , Waldman Adam D , Bell Jimmy D

Using functional MRI, we examined how regional brain activity varies with nutritional state when viewing food pictures of different caloric density and appeal.Eighteen non-obese healthy volunteers (BMI 22.2±0.5 kg/m2, age range 19–36 years, 8 male) were studied on 2 separate mornings after an overnight fast (mean±S.E.M. 15.5±0.3 h) or when fed (1.2±0.1 h after breakfast, food intake 45±4% of estimat...