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ea0011oc60 | ThyroidOC57 British Thyroid Association Award | ECE2006

4-methylbenzylidene-camphor (4MBC) causes pituitary effects comparable to hypothyroidism

Hamann IH , Schmutzler C , Kirschmeyer P , Jarry H , Köhrle J

4-methylbenzylidene-camphor (4MBC) is an endocrine active compound used as an UV absorber in sunscreens and other cosmetics such as anti-aging lotions and day care products. 4MBC shows weak estrogenic effects on the reproductive system but strong anti-osteoporotic effects after chronic application (Seidlova-Wuttke D et al. 2005 Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 24:in press). Additionally, 4MBC can be resorbed through the skin (Janjua NR et al. 2004 J Invest Dermatol...