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ea0049ep782 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2017

Identification of chemicals disrupting adrenal steroid production by steroid profiling in H295R cells

Strajhar Petra , Tonoli David , Jeanneret Fabienne , Imhof Raphaella , Malagnino Vanessa , Patt Melanie , Kratschmar Denise , Boccard Julien , Rudaz Serge , Odermatt Alex

Human adrenal H295R cells are applied according to the validated OECD test guideline 456 to identify potential endocrine disrupting chemicals. Testosterone and estradiol production serves as read-out although these are not steroids typically produced by the adrenals. The current study attempted to optimize conditions for using H295R cells to detect chemicals disturbing the synthesis of key adrenal steroids. Culture supernatants of H295R cells were analysed by LC-MS-based stero...