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ea0012oc1 | Young Endocrinologist prize session | SFE2006

The effects of age and calorie restriction on 24-hour plasma melatonin and activity rhythms in the rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta)

Downs JL , Aghazadeh-Sanai N , Mattison JA , Ingram DK , Kohama SG , Urbanski HF

A characteristic of aging in humans, as well as in nonhuman primates, is the disruption and attenuation of many biological rhythms. A desynchronization or dampening of cyclical neuroendocrine patterns, such as the circulating melatonin rhythm, may help to explain age-related disturbances in sleep and daytime alertness. Although the cause of age-associated disruptions of biological rhythms is largely unknown, it may be partially due to cumulative neuronal damage of relevant bra...