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ea0044p129 | Neoplasia, cancer and late effects | SFEBES2016

Low vitamin D is associated with increased bladder cancer risk; a systematic review and evidence of a potential mechanism

Bland Rosemary , Chivu Corina , Jefferson Kieran , MacDonald Donald , Iqbal Gulnaz , Dunn Janet

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with the development of some cancers and in vitro 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (1,25D) reduces cell proliferation. We suggest that modification of tissue specific immune responses, as a consequence of local synthesis of 1,25D, may be key. To assess the impact of serum 25D on the risk of bladder cancer we conducted a systematic review. To test our hypothesis, expression of vitamin D signalling components and the synthesis of 1,25D were exa...