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ea0036oc4.7 | Oral Communications 4 | BSPED2014

Pitfalls in the diagnosis of neonatal adrenal insufficiency

Irvine Vanessa , Davis Nikki , Walker Jo , Wickramasuriya Nalin , Cook Paul , Armston Annie , Davies Justin

Introduction: Adrenal insufficiency is rare in the neonatal period and if unrecognised may cause life-threatening circulatory collapse. The initial investigations taken at the time of presentation, and prior to the institution of hydrocortisone, are a key step in the diagnostic pathway, and aid the clinician to distinguish adrenal insufficiency from mineralocorticoid resistance or renal tubulopathy. A cortisol measurement at the time of illness is useful to evaluate the adrena...

ea0039ep8 | Adrenal | BSPED2015

Intravenous Etomidate in the management of hypercortisolaemia due to ectopic ACTH producing thymic neuroendocrine tumor

Arya Ved Bhushan , Irvine Vanessa , Rowlands Helen , Sykes Kim , Nicolin Gary , Drake William , Storr Helen , Davies Justin H

Background: Ectopic-ACTH syndrome (EAS) is an extremely rare cause of Cushing’s syndrome in young children. The intensity of ACTH secretion and hypercortisolaemia is greater in EAS than in Cushing’s disease. Control of hypercortisolaemia represents a key management step while awaiting localization of the ACTH source or in preparation to surgery. Etomidate inhibits cortisol synthesis and its rapid onset of action makes it an ideal medication in severe hypercortisolaem...

ea0058p071 | Diabetes | BSPED2018

Standardising the management of hypoglycaemia in paediatric patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Andrews Afiya , McLaughlin Catarina , Coldwell Sue , Budd Louise , Remorino Rowena , Irvine Vanessa , Hawes Dorothy , Ford Anne , Watson Helen , Ofstad Tom , Wilding Mike , Hillyer Emily , Edwards Jane , Davies Sue

Background: During 2017–2018 the diabetic team at our Foundation Trust participated in the RCPCH diabetes quality improvement collaborative to support work in reducing the mean HbA1c of our patient cohort. It is widely acknowledged that a consistent approach is vital in working towards HbA1c targets. One area of focus of our quality improvement work was to standardise the management of hypoglycaemia. As a team we decided to follow the BSPED hypoglycaemia guideline (2016) ...