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ea0081p109 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2022

Maternal triglyceride levels, and not fructosamine, in early pregnancy are associated with birth weight

Clinck Isabel , Verelst Faro , Twickler Marcel , Vrijkotte Tanja

Objectives: Maternal metabolism has a major impact on foetal growth, and the risk of developing obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes in later life. Identification of maternal metabolic parameters in early pregnancy that predict birth weight (BW), is pivotal in the prevention of these diseases. We evaluated whether maternal triglyceride (TG) or fructosamine levels in early pregnancy, as possible reflectors of maternal insulin resistance (IR), could predominantly contrib...

ea0097005 | Section | BES2023

Insulin resistance is associated with worse CGM-derived parameters in people with type 1 diabetes

Isabel Clinck , Jonahtan Mertens , Kristien Wouters , Eveline Dirinck , Block Christophe De

Background: An increasing number of people with type 1 diabetes (TlD) have co-existing insulin resistance (IR). Our goal was to investigate whether IR is associated with continuous glucose monitor (CGM)-derived parameters (glucometrics) such as time in range (TIR), time above range (TAR), time below range (TBR) and glycaemic variability (CV).Methods: This is a retrospective analysis of two separate clinical studies (NCT0...