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ea0016p361 | Growth and development | ECE2008

Changes in cortisol and insulin during pregnancy in relation to basal metabolic rate (BMR)

Damjanovic Svetozar , Stojic Rada , Lalic Nebojasa , Petakov Milan , Jotic Aleksandra , Isailovic Tanja , Popovic Bojana , Macut Djuro , Bozic Ivana

Cortisol rise during pregnancy is connected with fetal maturation. Together with the increase of insulin resistance it might have a role in allocation of nutrients between mother and fetus. Cortisol and insulin secretion during pregnancy seems to be induced by fluctuations in BMR. Here, we try to identify relationship between BMR and secretion of cortisol and insulin during pregnancy.In 25 healthy women (age range 20–39 years; mean±S.D.<...

ea0014p175 | (1) | ECE2007

11C-5-hydroxytryptophan PET scan in diagnosis of ectopic Cushing’s syndrome from typical lung carcinoid: a case report

Macut Djuro , Damjanovic Svetozar , Bjekic Jelica , Popovic Bojana , Bozic Ivana , Petakov Milan , Ognjanovic Sanja , Isailovic Tanja , Joksomovic Miloje , Jakovic Radoslav , Mirkovic Jelena , Stojsic Jelena

A 34-year-old woman was initially presented with clinical signs of Cushing’s syndrome (CS). On endocrinological examination, a diagnosis of ACTH dependent CS was established (serum cortisol: 08.00 h: 1245 nmol/l; 24.00 h: 275; plasma ACTH concentration 104 ng/l; inadequate cortisol suppresion on LDDST (787) and suppresion to 318 following HDDST). A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) confirmed a microadenoma in the left part of the pituitary. Ultrasound examination confirmed...