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ea0011oc56 | Calcium and bone OC49 Novartis Oncology Young Investigator Award | ECE2006

The Scandinavian investigation of primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT) – end of inclusion and preliminary results

Bollerslev JB , Jansson SJ , Mollerup CLM , Nordenström JN , Lungren EL , Tørring OT , Franco CF , Varhaug JEV , Isaksen GAI , Rosen TR

Background: From 1999 to the end of June 2005, 186 patients (26 men) with truly asymptomatic pHPT based on the NIH 1990 criteria were included at 11 centres in Scandinavia. The mean age at inclusion was 63.2±7.8 (S.D.) years. After informed consent the patients were randomised to operation (93) or medical observation (94), in order to investigate the effect of operation on Quality of Life and co-morbidity. At present, 159 patients are ongoing, 3 dead, and 2...