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ea0056p633 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid/Others | ECE2018

A rare mediastinal signet-ring cell carcinoma revealed after postpartum thyroiditis – a coincidence or a link?

Ene Cristina , Bica Ramona , Zidu Magdalena , Mihailovici Aida , Istrate Adrian , Tanase Ana-Maria

Introduction: Postpartum thyroiditis is an autoimmune process that occurs in 5% of the women, precipitated by immunological rebound. The majority off signet-ring cell carcinoma (SRCC) tumors arise from the stomach, colon and breast, malignant transformation of a bronchogenic cysts being exceptionally.Aim: We present a case of a rare mediastinal SRCC of the mediastinum, diagnosed initially with a postpartum thyroiditis.Case presenta...

ea0063p13 | Adrenal and Neuroendocrine Tumours 1 | ECE2019

Pheochromocytoma – 3 sides of the same story

Ene Cristina , Nour-Dinca Angelica , Acatrinei Eliza , Casian Marioara , Enyedi Mihaly , Terzea Dana , Istrate Adrian , Grozavu Constantin

Background: Pheochromocytomas are rare tumors, with prevalence less than 0.2% of hypertensive patients, in general population being unknown. With increasing access to imaging and hormonal workup, more pheochromocytomas are diagnosed. This may have changed the occurrence of the classic presentation with hypertension and the classic triad.Methods: We present 3 cases of pheochromocytoma diagnosed in our departments over the last 2 years, with 3 different ph...