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ea0081p699 | Reproductive and Developmental Endocrinology | ECE2022

Cyproterone associated meningioma in a polycystic ovarian syndrome patient- a rare occurrence in our cohort

Jumaah Ali Al , Reddy Narendra , J Levy Miles , Bhake Ragini , Gohil Shailesh

Introduction: Meningiomas are the most common brain tumours and they express progesterone receptors. Cyproterone acetate (CPA) is a synthetic progestogen approved for use as an anti-androgen in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). We report a case of meningioma probably resulting from long-term CPA treatment and a review of our PCOS cohort for further cases.Case report: A 47-year-old lady with PCOS was treated with CPA 100 mg once daily for hirsutism and ...

ea0033oc2.7 | Oral Communications 2 | BSPED2013

Novel lethal form of hypopituitarism associated with the first recessive LHX4 mutation

Gregory Louise C , Rhodes Simon J , Levy Miles J , Greening James , Humayun Khadija , Dattani Mehul T

Background: LHX4 encodes a member of the LIM-homeodomain transcription factor protein family that is required for development of the pituitary gland. To date, only incompletely penetrant heterozygous mutations in LHX4 have been described in patients with variable combined pituitary hormone deficiencies (CPHD).Objective/hypothesis: To investigate a cohort of patients with congenital hypopituitarism for mutations in LHX4.<p c...

ea0099p595 | Late-Breaking | ECE2024

Comparison of hydrocortisone and prednisolone in managing adrenal insufficiency– HYPER-AID study interim results from a tertiary care centre

Ahsan Masato , Morrison Amy , Fowkes Natasha , Gohil Shailesh , J Levy Miles , Meeran Karim , Reddy Narendra

Background: Adrenal insufficiency (AI) requires life-long glucocorticoid substitution therapy (1), and bears significant risks of infection, cardiovascular (CV) & metabolic disease burden. Historically Hydrocortisone (HC) has been the mainstay of treatment. Prednisolone is a once-daily alternative due to a longer half-life (up to 3.2 hrs). Currently, there is no discernible evidence supporting the superiority of either medication (2).Objective: To ex...

ea0099ep1230 | Late Breaking | ECE2024

Audit on management of addison’s disease in pregnancy

Ahsan Masato , Bremner Emma , Todd Diane , Roy Chandrima , J Levy Miles , Gohil Shailesh , Reddy Narendra

Background: Primary adrenal insufficiency or AddisonÂ’s disease (AD) is characterized by glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid deficiency due to lesion of the adrenal glands through different mechanisms (1). AddisonÂ’s disease is a risk factor for adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes. Close monitoring is required for these patients during the intrapartum and postpartum periods.(2)Objective: Retrospective evaluation of the management of Addison&#...

ea0081p253 | Late-Breaking | ECE2022

Central diabetes insipidus from a patients′ perspective – from management to psychological co-morbidities and re-naming of the condition

Atila Cihan , Loughrey Ben , Garrahy Aoife , Winzeler Bettina , Refardt Julie , Gildroy Patricia , Pal Aparna , Hamza Malak , Thompson Chris , Verbalis Joseph , Hunter Steven , Sherlock Mark , J Levy Miles , Karavitaki Niki , Newell-Price John , Wass John , Christ-Crain Mirjam

Background: Central diabetes insipidus (cDI), a rare neuroendocrine condition affecting 1 in 25.000, is characterized by deficiency of arginine vasopressin. Data about treatment-related side effects, psychological co-morbidities, and incidence of wrong management due to confusion with diabetes mellitus are scarce and limited to small studies or case series. Furthermore, increasing interest has arisen on a potential need for re-naming the condition.<p class="abstex...

ea0073aep842 | Late Breaking | ECE2021

The first comprehensive study of the clinical response of a cohort of acromegalic patients with somatostatin responsive headache

Sonia Kaniuka-Jakubowska , J Levy Miles , Pal Aparna , Abeyaratne Dayakshi , Drake William , Kyriakakis Nikolaos , D Murray Robert , M Orme Steve , Gohil Shailesh , Brook Antonia , Leese Graham , Márta Korbonits , Wass John

It is known that acromegaly may be associated with headache as a significant co-morbidity. Amongst all acromegaly headache patients, there is a unique group with specific types of severe headache that fail to improve despite acromegaly therapy and are resistant to conventional analgesics, however, immediately respond to subcutaneous short-acting (SA) somatostatin analogue (SSA) treatment. We have surveyed 8 tertiary specialist UK centres and identified 18 patients (6 females) ...