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How do I manage suspected non compliance for thyroxine replacement?

Gilbert Jacqueline

Optimal treatment of hypothyroidism is usually anticipated to require a daily dose of 1.6–1.8 μg/kg (body weight)/day of levothyroxine (L-T4) in order to restore the TSH within the normal range. Patients who require significantly larger doses of L-T4 than anticipated, e.g., >2 μg/kg body weight of L-T4/day with a persistently elevated TSH warrant further investigation. Biological c...

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Graves’ Disease and Cerebral Vasculopathy

Subbiah Kasi , Perumal Samundeeshwari , Gilbert Jacqueline

A 20-year-old lady of Vietnamese origin presented with increasing frequency of headaches and worsening right sided weakness over 4 days. There was no other significant past medical illness, and she was not on any regular medication. She was not a smoker, and there was a history of thyrotoxicosis in her mother. Her heart rate was 110 beats per minute, and she was in sinus rhythm. On examination there was right sided weakness (MRC grade 4/5), expressive dysphasia, tremor of her ...