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ea0041ep789 | Obesity | ECE2016

Intergenerational influence of paternal obesity on metabolic and reproductive health of the offspring: male-preferential impact and potential involvement of Kiss1-mediated pathways

Sanchez-Garrido Miguel Angel , Ruiz-Pino Francisco , Barroso Alexia , Velasco Inmaculada , Heras Violeta , Jesus Vazquez Maria , Castellano Juan Manuel , Roa Juan , Pinilla Leonor , Tena-Sempere Manuel

Obesity and its comorbidities are reaching epidemic proportions. Maternal obesity is known to predispose the offspring to metabolic disorders, independently of genetic inheritance. This intergenerational transmission has also been suggested for paternal obesity during the pre-conception stage, as it appears to have a negative impact on the metabolic and reproductive health of the offspring, likely via epigenetic changes in spermatozoa. However, whether paternal obesity sensiti...